African Brass Link for Handmade Jewelry Making


Ashanti brass link for jewelry making and other arts and crafts. Our handcrafted brass products are a reflection of the beauty and creativity that flow from Ghana. They'll transform your projects into works of art.

Key Features:
• Authentic African Artistry: Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Ghana, showcasing the vibrant and diverse culture of the region.
• Versatile Creations: Whether you're a jewelry maker, a home decor enthusiast, or a craft aficionado, these brass pendants are a versatile addition to your creative projects.
• Unique and One-of-a-Kind: No two pendants are alike. Each piece carries its own story, making your creations truly unique.
• Cultural Connection: Experience the essence of Africa in every pendant. The intricate designs and symbols pay homage to Ghana's heritage.
. High-Quality Brass: Crafted from durable brass, these pendants are built to last and retain their stunning luster for years to come.

Perfect for:
• Jewelry Making: Create one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that reflect the beauty and tradition of Ghana.
• Home Décor: Add an authentic African touch to your living space with these brass pendants as wall hangings, curtain tiebacks, or keychain ornaments.
• Accessories: Elevate your style with accessories that stand out from the crowd. Craft unique belts, handbags, and more
• Handmade Bracelets: Design bracelets that carry the spirit of Africa, making them not just accessories but meaningful expressions of art.
• Crafting: From scrapbooking to mixed media projects, these pendants will inspire your creative endeavors.

- Bead Size: Approximately 29-30mm × 45-51mm including ring
- Hole Size: 5mm - 5-7mm
- Material: African Brass
- Color Options: Gold
- Listing: 1 Piece

Care: Easy to clean and maintain. Rob on fresh lemons or limes and dry with soft cloth for cleaning and shine

Additional Information:
- These brass products are a celebration of African culture and a symbol of sustainable craftsmanship. By wearing or using them, you're supporting the preservation of traditional artistry and promoting diversity through these cultural elements. Order your Ghanaian brass pendants today and let your creativity shine!

Shipping and Returns:
- We offer fast and reliable shipping options.
- If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for returns and exchanges.

Note to Buyers: Each African brass product is unique and may have slight variations in color and pattern, adding to their charm.

Price: $7

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