African glass beads, mixed loose beads for jewelry making and other arts and crafts. Combo Delight, AAB# 9801


African glass.beads, assorted Krobo beads for jewelry making and other arts and crafts projects.

Combo Delight: 260+ Pieces
Colors: Multicolored 
Beads size & quantity
Tube Beads: 12mm - 14mm × 28mm x 32mm (36 pieces)
Round Beads:12mm - 14mm (80 pieces)
Disc Spacer Beads
Flower beads: 12mm - 13mm × 10mm - 12mm (40 pieces)
Plain disc: 12mm - 14mm (60 pieces)
Fractured Disc: 14mm -16mm x 4mm - 6mm (45 pieces)
Size of Hole: 2mm - 4mm
Number of Beads: Over 260+ beads
Tray not included 

Product Variations
These aes handmade and there are variations in the color, shapes, and sizes.
As part of production processsome edges may be uneven and there may be earthen residues on beads.  These are glass products so please handle with care.

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