African Beads: 15 Small Adinkra Glass Beads. "Ram Horn" Meaning Humility and Strength. Ghana Krobo Beads. Green and Cream Beads

Shop our Dwennimmen Ghana glass beads today and unveil the beauty and craftsmanship the glass beads. Add an African touch to your jewelry and craft projects, and let each bead tell a story of tradition, artistry, and cultural significance. Welcome to the world of Adinkra Symbol Dwennimmen glass beads, where strength and humility unite in every meticulously crafted bead.

Key Features:
1. Authentic African Craftsmanship: Each bead is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans from Ghana's Krobo region, known for its bead-making heritage.
2. Vibrant Colors: The vibrant and rich colors of these beads reflect the essence of African culture and traditions.
3. Unique Patterns: No two beads are exactly alike. The intricate patterns are a testament to the artisan's skill and creativity.
4. Recycled Glass: We prioritize sustainability by using recycled glass to create these beads, making them eco-friendly and responsible.

Versatile Style: These beads are versatile and can be used for jewelry making, crafting, or as unique home décor.

Bead Size: Approximately: 7mm- 8mm x 17mm-18mm
Hole size:  2mm - 3mm
Number of Beads on a strand: 15
Listing is one strand or band
Material: Recycled glass
Color: Green
Care: Easy to clean and maintain. Few drops of baby oil on soft cloth for cleaning and shine

What's Included:
- Handcrafted Krobo Beads

Here's why these beads are a unique addition to your creative projects:
Adinkra Wisdom: The Dwennimmen symbol represents strength and humility, making these beads an embodiment of African values and culture.

Artisanal Excellence: Crafted with precision and care, these glass beads are a testament to the artistry of African bead makers.

Versatile Creations: Whether you're designing jewelry, accessories, or crafts, these beads infuse your work with the essence of Africa.

Adinkra Significance: Incorporate Adinkra symbols into your creations, each telling a story of wisdom, tradition, and heritage.

Diverse Aesthetics: Dwennimmen glass beads showcase a range of colors and patterns, enabling you to express yourself creatively.

Handmade Variations: Please be aware that, due to their handmade nature, variations in color, size, and pattern may occur within the same strand or band.

African Legacy: By using Dwennimmen glass beads, you not only create art but also become part of the African legacy of artistry and culture.

These Krobo beads are a celebration of African culture and a symbol of sustainable craftsmanship. By wearing or using them, you're supporting the preservation of traditional artistry and eco-conscious practices.

Shipping and Returns:
- We offer fast and reliable shipping options.
- If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for returns and exchanges.

Note to Buyers:
Each Krobo bead is unique and may have slight variations in color and pattern, adding to their charm.
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