9 long tube African glass beads, red Krobo beads for jewelry making. Big holes beads


African glass beads from Ghana Dominant Colors: red Bead shape: Long Tube Beads size : Large and long Measurements: 12mm - 14mm X 30mm - 35mm Hole size:  2.mm - 3mm Number of Beads on a strand: 9 Listing is one strand or band Physical descriptions are by approximation All our African beads are handmade as such there are variations in the color, shapes, and  sizes even on the same strand or band. You may not get the exact same bead in terms of color, shape, or size on new listings. It is normal to finds earthen particles on a bead. It is normal to find uneven edges or even chipped edges. Even though our beads are durable, they are mostly made from glass and must be handle with care

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