8mm vinyl beads


Vinyl beads on sale for jewelry making and other arts and crafts. 

Key Features:
1. Vibrant Colors: The vibrant and rich colors of these beads reflect the essence of African culture and traditions.
2. Unique Patterns: No two beads are exactly alike. The intricate patterns are a testament to the artisan's skill and creativity.

3.  Recycled Glass: We prioritize sustainability by using recycled glass to create these beads, making them eco-friendly and responsible.

Versatile Style:

These beads are versatile and can be used for jewelry making, crafting, or as unique home décor.

Bead Size: Approximately: 8mm x 1mm
Hole size:  1mm
Number of Beads on a strand: 
Listing is one strand 
Material: Vinyl
Color Option: Red, Blue, White

What's Included:
Vinyl Beads

Additional Information:
These Krobo beads are a celebration of African culture and a symbol of sustainable craftsmanship. By wearing or using them, you're supporting the preservation of traditional artistry and eco-conscious practices.

Shipping and Returns:
We offer fast and reliable shipping options.
If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for returns and exchanges.

Note to Buyers:
Each Krobo bead is unique and may have slight variations in color and pattern, adding to their charm.

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