ADINKRA GLASS BEADS, Black and White Tube Beads, PGB #2503

ADINKRA GLASS BEADS, Black and White Tube Beads, PGB #2503


The Adinkra symbol “Gye Nyame”, means “Except God”.  God is Supreme, and Omnipotent.  These  beads are hand painted by master craftsmen and craftswomen from the Krobo tribe of Ghana. They environmentally friendly beads made from recycled glass

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Primary colors: Black and White

Bead size: 12mm- 13mm x 18mm-21mm  (Large Size)

Size of bead hole: 2.5mm

Length of Beads on a Strand:  10.5 inches

Number of beads on a strand: 14 beads, may vary slightly, depending on bead size

**Physical descriptions are by approximations

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Weight0.125 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1 in

PGB #2503




We guarantee that all our African beads, baskets and other products are handmade by master craftsmen and craftswomen. However, like any original work of art, between individual items, there will be slight variations in color, shape, and size and other attributes. This applies even to individual beads on the same strand. These minor variations bear testament to the uniqueness and originality of our products and that each one was made, specifically, for you. Nonetheless, all our products are all of the same quality, beauty and durability. We hope you will handle them with the care they deserve and enjoy them for a very long time. Items with some degree of fragility, such as, those made from recycled glass, should be handled with extra care when worn or stored.

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