Akwaaba! Welcome!

Aadampo, located in Knightdale, North Carolina (USA), was established in 2019. We provide our customers and clients with authentic handmade African beads and jewelry created by master craftsmen, mainly, from the Eastern, and Ashanti regions of Ghana, and leather bags and handwoven straw baskets (famously known as Bolga baskets) from the Bolgatanga area in the Northern/Upper regions of Ghana.

The mission of Aadampo is the promotion of diversity through the use of elements that capture the essence of the unique African culture, history, and experience. Whether you are the novice seeking to expand your artistic experience of the rich African tradition, or the established connoisseur of African culture and contemporary fashion, we expect your experience with Aadampo to be totally satisfying and very educational with respect to the historical, religious, and social significance of our products.

All our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and to be 100% authentic and hand-made. Each set of beads, jewelry, and baskets is, thus, unique and one of a kind. You will find our products to be highly fashionable and complementary to both your contemporary and more traditional wardrobe. Africa, has a fascinating history and a rich diversity of cultures and ethnicity. It is our wish that our customers utilize and wear our products with meaning and pride, typical of this rich tradition.